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What Is Medical 3D Printing, what data is used ?

We take patient's diagnostic data such as CT, MRI, PET-CT, NM, Gamma Camera, CBCT, 3D Ultrasonography or any medical modality data which produces volumetric images, convert it into anatomically accurate life size models for pre -surgical planning.

What are the medical applications of 3D Printing ?

Applications of medical 3D printing can be broadly categorised into 4 areas :

1) Medical Modelling: Pre-Surgical Practice/Educational/Minimal Access Surgery Planning Models, navigation system training models

2) Medical Implant Design: Patient Specific Implants fabricated using above models

3) Patient Specific Prostheses

4) Drill Guides or Templates: Dental, Orthopedics, Neuro & Spine, Cosmetic surgeries


Students & Medical Colleges:

Human anatomy is highly variable. Traditional tools like cadavers & animals present significant limitations as they may not represent exact pathology or anatomical variations & leaves many things just to the imagination of students. Medical Modeling not only enhances their understanding but also gives them hands-on experience of surgical practice much better than VR (Virtual Reality) & AR (Augmented Reality) tools. 


Pre-Surgical Evaluation, Planning & Practice:

Take an example of acetabular fractures : Who knows it better than a surgeon how challenging it is to have visual access to the fracture site & taking responsibility of Hip Replacement ?

With the life size model, you can see where are the fragments that need to be removed & pre-plan the entire surgery. Secondly the surgeon can predict the size of reaming drills which would be required during surgery by performing the mock surgery on the model.

Navigation Training:

Got a Neuro, Endoscopy, ENT navigation System? As you must have experienced, virtual controls do not match directional flexibility of human hand nor mimic the exact pathology. Acquire a new skill set by practicing on our models which represent real pathological navigation challenges.


Minimal Access Surgery:

More than one surgical plans in your mind? But can't figure out which will give results, save time & save blood loss? Get a model & perform mock surgery!

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