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What is our hybrid business model & how it works?

Medical 3D printing as of now requires expertise in precisely 5 areas: Getting Proper DICOM imaging data, Segmentation of relevant data, CAD processing of data if it is implant case & then finally approval of surgeon & 3D printing. One has to acquire "the suit of the software"  to cater to each of above 5 needs & of course trained man power to operate them! Even after acquiring all those pre-requsites; you have to find out the applications: where & how this will work? Who will buy it from you? So you require efficient marketing team & high research & development efforts.


Those are precisely the reasons taking up 3D printing & patient specific implant solutions enterprise proves to be one of the costliest things in India, as of now.

So at Acton, after putting all above investment & efforts; we decided to make the fraternity "Partner in our profits", so that it triggers homegrown ground for marketing as well as research & development activities in such exciting new era of patient specific medicine!

For those who join hands with us & venture in this field at this nascent stage 'now' will have huge 'early bird' advantages.

Who are the customers for franchisee?

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