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Upload Your DICOM or STL data here!


Once your data is sucessfully uploaded; our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours. Just make sure following things are been observed.

1) DICOM (CT/MRI/PET) data should be 1mmX1mm, Smooth window, same as you use for 3D post-processing.

2) For Dental Drill Guides: Make sure BITE-BLOCK is been used while acquiring CBCT scan.

3) For dental drill guides we also require CBCT scan/Optical scan of "PATIENT'S CAST".

4) Make sure you write your mobile no/email ID in message box provided, it will help us to get in touch with you & understand your requirement.

5) Also make sure if you can then add some description in order to let us know how you wish to make use of that model, so our team can give special attention to preserve anatomical landmarks in anatomy of your interest!

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